How to Keep All The Balls In The Air

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The holiday season

How to keep all balls in the air, during the holiday season. After our theme song, I’ve got to share my thoughts and experiences.

Hey, welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast, I am Marcel Martens and, well, we decided to start building our new office early next year, so wonderful decision especially during holiday season. Oh man, I don’t know if I could keep all balls in the air, there are so much things to do and so little time. And that’s what I would like to share with you. The way that I keep all balls literally in the air or make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.

So many things to do

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Basically it all comes down to priorities. If you make an overview for, I like to do it by week and by day, the top three things I like or need to do today. Usually I write down seven or eight things but I always make sure I get the top three things done before I finish my day and same goes for week, I’ll make a weekly overview as you know, I’ve got only three days a week at the office, the other two days I’ll take care of the kids, and, if you want to know why, go a few podcasts back where I’ll tell more about that.

Set your priorities

Keep track of things!

I don’t feel like repeating myself here today, but the more balls you need to keep in the air, the higher the probability is that one is going to drop one or more or many. So keep track of things. Delegate where you can, even if you think you need to do it yourself, just delegate it. And I was reading a lovely book, The One Minute Manager, which gave me some great insights on how to tap into the potential of your employees, or your colleagues is the way I call them, not only to let them feel good about their selves and feeling happy or in common, feel good.

Delegate where you can

Because when they feel good, they perform better and when they perform better, things go easier, smoother and you get things done. So today I’m going to move to our temporary office. We’ve bought some 20-foot containers that we’ve stuck together and that’s our office for the next year. So today I’m going to move with the some colleagues and then we’re going to start working in our temporary office so we can start building early next year when we receive all the permits and I’ll keep you guys posted.

Our temporary office

But most importantly, first things first, for me it’s always family that’s on the first place. Make sure everything is done and in order and arranged and accounted for. Secondly comes my business and everything else comes afterwards. That’s the way I manage things and do things and I’ll put up a link to the book, for The One Minute Manager. It gave me great insight to manage in as little time as possible while keeping up qualities and quantities for the work that people, for the tasks, for our employees, you know.

Better time management

So thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy this. If you do, please rate and subscribe. By the way, I would love to hear some feedback as well. I’ll see you guys next time. Enjoy the holiday season.

Bye bye,

Marcel Martens

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