Your Brain Doesn't Know The Difference

Your Brain Doesn't Know The Difference
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Hey everybody. Marcel Martens. Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. Today I want to talk about what your brain does with pain and joy and gratefulness from others or your own.


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Yesterday evening ... in bed, I was watching a Discovery, I don't know, sci fi or whatever. And there was this show or documentary, I don't know. And there was a study about that the human brain processes the pain of other people the same way as when they have actual pain themselves. So they would hook somebody up with a lot of wires and put them in some MRI machine or something. And when they showed the person the images and the pain somebody was going through and they made a detailed map of the areas in the brain that were activated.

And afterwards they would, I don't know, like hit the person with some wood. I don't know, or give him a slap on the hands. And that same spots in the brain lighted up. So for human physiology and the human brain, the brain doesn't know where it's coming from. If you're seeing it, you're dreaming it or you actually experience it yourself.

And the same goes for joy, success or well, all the things you like. If you, I don't know, maybe 10 15 years ago, around that time yeah... 10, 12 years ago. And do you know the movie The Secret or did you read the book, The Secret? At that time, well, I thought it was a nice read. It was nice to watch. In some cases I always had luck, like finding a parking space in a parking. I always have them near the entry, near the exit. They're what I visualize, where I visualized that the free spot was for me or just when you come driving in and then on that spot, somebody's leaving when you're arriving you know?

Same with stoplight, headlight, traffic lights. It always turns green when I'm arriving. In the Secret they explain this as the law of attraction. Go watch it. It's fun. Just spend an hour and a half or whatever it is, or read the book if you're rather read than watch a movie. But you have a good time and you can pick up a few things there.

On the other hand, the law of attraction is the same with your success.

If you're always thinking, I'm not made for this, can I do this or I can't do that.

If you don't know you can, why are you assuming that you can't? You might as well assume that you can. It's the same thing. For your brain it doesn't matter. It's all, yeah only what you put in there that's going to be your beliefs.

If you feed your brain with that, if you don't know if you can, you assume you can instead of, I don't know if I can. I assume I can't. For the brain it makes no difference. It's the same wires only they have a different belief for you. 

And while we were watching that documentary yesterday on Discovery, well, it was a confirmation for me that all this time, well 11 years now an entrepreneur and doing very well if I may say so myself. Not to brag. I don't care about money. I don't know if I told you before, but my dream is not to become a millionaire or whatever. I don't care about money at all. It's nice that I can pay all my bills and don't have to watch my bank account to see if I can do my groceries, but I don't care about money at all.

I heard a nice saying once, I don't know who quoted it, but I give credit to this guy because it's a brilliant quote.

I don't need to be, I don't like or want to become a millionaire. I just like the things millionaires like to do.

And that's exactly the same with me. I like nice stuff. I like fancy dinners. I like whatever, luxury traveling. All these things that millionaires do on a maybe daily or weekly basis. Those are the things I like, but I don't actually care about how much money I have in the bank, you know?

So with that said, if you can feed your brain the right information and right beliefs, the humankind is capable of doing anything. It doesn't matter. So that's what I wanted to share with you today. I hope it inspires you.

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Okay. Have a nice one today and talk to you next time. Bye-bye. Marcel Martens.

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