You Won't Reach A Single Goal This Year If You Don't Do This...

You Won't Reach A Single Goal This Year If You Don't Do This...
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What belief, what behavior, or what emotional habit do you have that's prevented you from doing what you need to do? First we go to the theme song, and then we're going to talk to you about how to make 2020 the best year ever.

Hey, what's up? Marcel Martens of the Cloud Secrets Podcast. Welcome back. And first of all, a Happy New Year. I wish you all the best. Make it a beautiful year. It's a new decade, people, and it's time for change, and change only can happen when you break through. Are you going to get out of your old habits? A lot of people fail in the first month of their new goals that they set, or new things that they, well... They promise themselves to start doing in the new year, but most people fell off in a few weeks or a few months.

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Go next level, be a better version of yourself

So how can you make sure you stick up to it and make lasting change? Because when you go to the next level or make lasting change happen, you get to the new level, the next, a higher level, or be a better version of yourself, that's what I mean. And for me, I take action straightaway when I make a decision. And a decision can be, for example, stop smoking. I don't smoke a long time, in I don't know, six, seven years, but don't wait until the 1st of January or whatever. Just do it. Like Nike says, "Just do it, people!"

When is the best time to plant a golden tree? It was 20 years ago. What's the second best time for planting that tree? That's right now. Don't wait another day, take action. Don't fool yourself. I've done it a long time and what it basically should come down to is turn your shoulds into musts. "I should do this, I should do that, I should start on this, I should stop X," fill in the blanks. "I should do________. I should start________." Or you make it a must: "I must do________. I must do X. I must do________" Fill in what you want to do and make it a must!

Make it congruent with your feelings and get enough leverage or a good enough reason why! Because motivation only lasts that long. And if you want lasting change, you need leverage, more leverage. Let me give you an example. I really quit smoking after our second child was born. When my wife was pregnant with the first child we were getting, I quit smoking, of course, because I couldn't sit next to her while she was pregnant, smoking in the house. And I'm not going outside to get a smoke.

So one day my daughter comes to me and I was, I don't know, reading some articles on my phone or reading some email and smoking a cigarette, and she would come to me and chat. "Daddy?" "Yes girl, what's up?" "I don't want you to die!" "What do you mean babe? I'm not going to die. Where's this coming from?" "Yes you are." I said, "No, I'm not. I'm eating my vegetables, I'm sporting, I'm working out three to five times a week. Why do you think I'm going to die?" "You need to quit smoking!" "Quit smoking? I've been smoking for 20 years girl, why do you think I need to stop right now? I know it's bad, but it's not going to kill me." "Yes, it does" Okay? "Daddy, I don't want you to die! I want you to be there when I get married."

And that's the leverage that, I mean. You know it, right? That's the moment the quarter falls down the slot machine and things start linking up and that's when you decide. Not just a conscious decision, but also you feel it with your entire body that, "Okay, I need to quit right now." I put down my last cigarette and never smoked again.

And that's the same with what belief or what behavior or what emotional habit do you currently have that's prevented you from doing________? Fill it in, whatever it is for you. For me it's breaking through $1 million in revenue. We've been several years in a row now, almost hit the $1 million target. It's this year I set my goal, I'm going to break through. My habit, my belief was that with a small company that we have in M-IT services, we're only six people large. We've got six employees. And I thought, "Okay, maybe this is it, they're doing around eight, $900,000 but why not? I bet if I get the right belief, we can 10x it and go to, I don't know, 10 million. Maybe we need a few more people.

We can easily 10x it, because we sell a recurring revenue. We sell cloud services, which generate revenue every single month. And every time we add a new customer, that monthly recurring revenue increases. So by just keeping the focus on growing and acquiring new customers you can break through that $1 million line. That's my goal for this year.

New webinars coming once a week!

And I changed my behavior. So what I did yesterday, and I've been working until, I don't know, half past 1 AM to set up. I'm going to give webinars once a week and I'll hope somewhere between 100 and 200 attendees per webinar. And then I'm going to sell the "Always Safe in Business Suite" to business owners, or at least get a sales appointment, in which we can sell the "Always Safe in Business Suite. So I took massive action to make sure that the 6th of January, that's when I first do the webinar, and today Facebook approved my ads. And within 30 minutes I already had two people sign up. So I know this is working. I've seen it before. If you want to know more, go get a copy of Russell Brunson's FREE "Expert Secrets" and "DotCom Secrets" books (on the second page you can add the Dotcomsecrets book. I even got another part yet, but I don't want to reveal it yet because we need to set up that stuff before I could share it with you.

And latest my emotional habit is that I'll feel more secure or more... What do you call it? More certain that I can do this as well. I've seen dozens, if not hundreds of people, business owners, acquiring massive amounts of new customers using webinars. The only limiting belief was that, "Well it's not for me, I can't do this." Even when I got the presentation ready and got the webinar software and you know, the subscription and everything.

So last year I decided, this year I'm going to break through that million dollar line and for that I need to at least acquire 1000 new subscribers in a year. So that means that we need to step up our game and get ready to run because that's going to be a whole lot of migrations if we want to successfully migrate all those users to our platform.

So what's holding you back? What's your limiting belief behavior or emotional habit?

Fill it in, think about it, make a conscious decision. Make sure you feel it in your gut, in your entire system. And then finally take massive amount of action. And don't stop until you're there. If you don't try, you know for sure you're going to fail, so every time you take a step forward is a step towards that next level and towards your success.

So I'm going to leave it for that for today. I wish you all the best. Step up your game. Make a plan for 2020 and make it a best year ever. That's what I'm going to do and I hope you can do it with me. If so, and you've got success, please share it on our Facebook group or whatever. Just find me or react on posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, wherever you use it, or on YouTube, make a review on iTunes. Send me some feedback that's a question. Thanks in advance and go for it, tiger! I know you can do it.

Bye bye, Marcel Martens

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