The Power Of Partnerships Part 2

The Power Of Partnerships Part 2
Geschreven door Marcel Martens op 07-11-2019 Laatst bijgewerkt op 22-03-2024

 Part two of the Power of Partnerships. First we go through the theme song, and afterwards I'm going to tell you the second part of my meeting that I just had. Welcome back to the Cloud Secret Podcast. This is Marcel Martens, and this will be part two of the Power of Partnerships.

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I was just at a company that sells office supplies and think about desks and chairs and paper and all kinds of things that you can think of that you need in an office, but they're also selling PCs, laptops, Apple products, and, well, when it comes to services, they're more like a store. You can go in and buy stuff and leave, but they do offer a small amount of services to migrate data or to set up a new system for a customer. When it comes to the entire IT system or cloud solutions or whatever, well, that's out of their possibilities. I don't know what to say, whatever.

A satisfied customer is all that matters!

So, that was the purpose of our meeting. If we could start a partnership and see if we can help their customers even from a background situation. If their IT guy gets stuck, he can call us, and we help him, so they can help with their customer. They don't really need to know who is helping who as long as they got a satisfied customer because that's all that matters, in my opinion.

So it's that we have that mutual interest in satisfying the customer's needs or wants and, well, over-deliver. So I ended up getting a lead, which I'm going to call later today, and I'll keep you posted on the results, but this can be the first of, well, a nice partnership, which should be working in both ways. So we're going to have a look in how we can expand his business as well.

We buy laptops at distributors or PCs or other stuff that we sell, and we're going to ask if he can sell those to us. So next time we need to make an offer, we're going to contact them as well and ask if they can, well, give us price as well. And if that matches the current distributors, we always can order it there, so he gets business back as well because that's very important in a partnership that you mutual benefit out of a deal. It's always a two-way situation.

As I told before in one of the episodes, he now gave me a lead, so based on the trust in the relationship we have right now, it's my task to over deliver because the customer is going to think they provided the solution. They don't care that it's a different company who actually makes it working or provides the effort or whatever.

He's the one who's set up the contact with me or our company to, well, help that customer, so when we over deliver, he's getting credits for it. And that's very important to understand because as long as you know that you need to over deliver so he's being in the spotlight, you end up getting more leads than you ever think possible. So that's it for now. Off to the next meeting, so that's part two and I'll keep you posted on the anymore results.

By the way, two episodes back I was talking about with the mail merge response rate of over 60%. I'm on my way to one of those sales meetings right now, so I'll keep you posted on that as well.

Still, if you would like to see what resources I'm using for, well, and tools I use for setting all this up, and I'm not telling it the way that I should or think about it. I use several tools to limit my time and to get things done as efficiently as possible. If you want to have look at those, go to, and that's again,, so take a look there. I'll put a number of links in of tools I use, and, well, even make you an offer if you would like to buy some templates or whatever so you come back getting on track fast and get start right off the bat. So thanks for listening or watching, and I'll talk to you guys next time. All right. Marcel Martens.

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