The Power Of Partnerships Part 1

The Power Of Partnerships Part 1
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How to use partners to get infinite amount of leads, qualified leads without any ad costs. After the theme song, I'm going to talk all about it.

So welcome back. Marcel Martens, Cloud Secrets Show, and today I'm going to talk about the power of partnerships and why a good partnership is, well, the most valuable thing I've ever seen.


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Today, I'm on my way for discussing or figuring out if we can set up a new partnership with a company. Well, they supply all kinds of office supplies and for that a lot of entrepreneurs or business owners go there to buy their notebook, their desk, their whatever.But that's only one part and they still need the migration in order to migrate all their data to set up the new system to get cloud services, to get whatever.

So last week and, and that's why, let me tell you a story about last week. With the manager of this company here in the area, we were at a soccer game and he was talking about his business that's doing very, very well, which is good of course, especially those days.

Then he was having some troubles with, he's got this IT guy, but his knowledge goes to a certain extent and there's nothing good or bad or wrong about it, but it's just what it is, okay.

So I told him, okay and what do you do when he can't help your customer? Do you call somebody? Do you, I don't know, refer them, do you whatever. He said, no, no. Basically my guy spends way too many hours that I can't bill. And in the end we didn't solve the problem for the customer. So I'm really looking for like this safety net to whom we can call if he doesn't know how to solve the problem or question or whatever.

I said, okay, let's set up a meeting and let's talk about it because I think we can mutually benefit from a partnership because he can offer more services to his customers and we get more leads without any ad costs or I don't know, time and effort.

And that's what I'm going to discuss today.

So I'm on my way there and afterwards I will create part two of this episode. But I want you to understand the value of a good partnership because with suppliers, they like to call themselves partners, but eventually they are just people who sell you stuff and they don't look at your customer needs and don't fully, well they don't care about your business in general.

And if I can help any partner, which I call a partnership, my definition of a good partnership is that I care so much about his goals and his or her success, that I will do anything in my power to help them succeed. One or other way you're going to get it back, and that's the power of partnership.

Because if you can help people, well usually not always, but most of them will have this, it's just a psyche game, you know? Because they owe you, if you know what I mean. And that's provided that you over deliver. So if you keep over delivering to your partner and to their customers, then you always get something in return.

And that's the power of a good partnership because a supplier to me is just somebody who just ships a box to you or provides a service without taking a further look in your business. And a partner is somebody you can partner up with and start doing things, wonderful things together.

So that's it for now for part one. After the meeting, I will let you know how it ended up and what we discussed about and agreed upon, and I'll put that in part two. So thanks for listening and I hope to see and hear you later. Okay. Bye, bye. Marcel Martens.

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