The Power Of Feedback

The Power Of Feedback
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The power of feedback. First we go to the intro song, and then I'm going to talk about recent discoveries I had on a ... first go through the intro song, and then I'm going to talk about the feedback that I get from my online trainings or webinars, and the change I've made afterwards to improve my conversion rates. So, see you guys in a bit.

Hey, good morning. Marcel Martens. Welcome back. It's good to be here, and how good that you are here. Last week I gave an online training, as I told in the earlier episode, using a webinar ... sorry, and I didn't do any conversions while I was having a lot more users who were attending the webinar. I believe that I had a show up rate of over 50%, which I read about is pretty high, but I didn't do any conversions. And I set up an automation that will send the people who opted in for the webinar an email if they didn't watch more than 80% of it. And then I'd just drop them an email the day after, I saw that you didn't make it or didn't finish watching the webinar.

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It's good that we have the recordings, so here's a link to the replay or the recordings where you can watch it. If you've got any feedback for me, please let me know because

I like to improve things, and provide more value for you.

And there was this woman who dropped me an email, I don't know, within five minutes, telling me that she left half in the webinar. First, it was because I told her she didn't watch it in the email, because I set a trigger on 80% of watch time. And she said, Hey, yes I was there, but I left because of the following reason, and now it comes, to me ... and I'm quoting her, to me you were like laughing about how customers use particular systems. I was in the webinar, I'm telling something about the people that are using POP3 emails, IMAP, et cetera, that in order for them to see their sent items on all their devices, they put their own email address in the CC, so they receive it again at their mobile device or desktop device or whatever.

And for me, well since I'm, I don't know, a bit spoiled with the cloud solutions and the convenience of it, to me it's complete logic that I can access my sent emails on all my devices. But for a lot of entrepreneurs, and especially sole entrepreneurs, it's not, because they just get a mailbox with their website and they start using it and they don't know any better. Which is fine of course, because it's not their fault. I mean, nobody explained to them that they could separate those two things and set it up properly.

So, I was actually telling a story that I was standing behind an entrepreneur of which I saw that he was sending an email to one of his relations, and putting his own email address in the CC. So I was asking him, why do you put your own email address in the CC, because it's in your sent items. Why do you want it twice? He said, oh, it's just to make sure that I have it on my cell phone and my iPad and whatever. And I started laughing, and I was laughing in the webinar, while I was telling that story, and that's where she thought that I was ... well, didn't take my customer seriously, and was laughing at him. And that was something I did unconscious. So, it's never my intention to make fun of anyone, especially in the open because well, it's not like me.

And for her to take the efforts in providing feedback was of tremendous value for me, because now I'm conscious and I can decide not to laugh at certain points during the training or webinar. So I can keep it professional, and just keep explaining and sharing value with my prospects, because that's what they are in my webinar, I'm trying to sell one to many, instead of one to one.

Why I don't automate my webinar, yet!

So to me it was an eye opener, and last night I did another webinar, or online training, as I call them here. Well, even my opt in rates dropped a bit. I had a higher attendee list. More people attended the webinar. And even got some ... well, it's not conversion yet, because they opt in for an intake call. So I'm going to call them today and see if I can convert them. I sent them the legal documents to sign so he can start and go ahead. So it was really an eye opener for me, for somebody who took the time and effort to provide feedback, because it was of so much value, and now I understand why Russell Brunson, in his expert secrets books or in dotcom secrets books, he really focuses on ... no, it's not focusing ...

He's explaining why it's so important to keep doing the webinar live, and not just automated after a few trials because you keep getting feedback. And after a year, you perfected your webinar or your online sales pitch, and then you can automate it. So, I'm going to keep doing this for every week, until I get more conversions, until I get this tuned out, or fine tuned. And then I will start considering to automating it.

So, that's it for today. If you'd like to know more about my methods, go to I've created a cloud secrets course in which I'll train you every little step of the way of my M - IT method. That will also have some bonus trainings that will give you ... well, let you know how I acquire new customers, how to acquire new customers fast, how to acquire customers off your current customer base, and lots and lots and lots and lots more. So take a look at

By the way, if you like this, please rate and subscribe on your favorite podcast app, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, wherever you are, and provide some feedback, because then I know what to talk about next time. Okay, thanks again,

Marcel Martens,

Bye-bye and have a great day!

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