The #1 Secret To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

The #1 Secret To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
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Hey, what's up? This is Marcel Martens, and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast.

This weekend, we chose the new logo for Cloud Secrets, very excited, it's got a nice cloud and a jet stream in it. Well, you'll see it if you go to the blog, go to, and you can see it there. I have been working on all the teasers for social media, I've created some templates in the weekend. I've been hustling my ass off, at every three, five minutes that I found, I was spending on my laptop creating templates and designs. So the contest winner who designed the logo, that's also the guy who will help me with the designs for the social media banners. You can think of FacebookLinkedInTwitterYouTube, and stuff. The photo, you know the circles you can see on Facebook, or Instagram, or whatever.


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He will design those, so I gave him some input and feedback for drafts that he created. I hope we can wrap this up this week. That is all becoming an all the pieces are falling together because my initial launch date is, I believe, the 20th (august), next Thursday. I want to go live with five episodes or so. So I got two more riffs that I need to record, maybe even a video. It depends on the time I have, if i can't find the time I'll record them in my car when I'm driving for like an hour or so. Maybe it's nice to talk about that.


Did you know that people who listen to podcasts earn at least three times more than people that listen to radio in their car. There's been a study, I don't know, American or English study. The people that ... Well, in fact, take a look at myself, I've got a pretty tight routine.

Every morning, 6:45, I get up, get the children dressed and ready to go to school, a quarter past EIGHT (8:15) we're in the car, I drop them off at school or daycare, and then I can go to work. At the end of the day, I usually do some groceries, and then I pick up the kids, make dinner, have some quality family time, put the kids in the bath if they need to, or the oldest one, she can do it herself. Then, around 7:30 they all go to bed.

Then, I've got some time to go cycling. I like to mountain bike, it's also my, as Tony Robbins, you will hear me reference some guys that I follow a lot of times so you got to give credit where credit is due. Tony Robbins calls its "hour of power", well, it's my hour of power. It's an hour that I go cycling. Sometimes it's 45 minutes, other times it's one and a half hours.

But, in that time, I listen to several podcasts that I follow and it gives me inspiration and ideas to implement on my own in my businesses. So even if I'm in my car for 10 minutes, I don't listen to radio usually. I always listen to podcasts. I'll gain more knowledge, keep my momentum, and never ever stand still, because as soon as you go to stand still, you're actually going backwards, and I hate to go backwards. I always want to go forwards, whatever it is.

So yesterday evening, I recorded my outro for the podcast, the first outro that I've created, so you're going to hear it at the end, I believe. So today is Monday and back on my way to the office, got some several appointments today, most of the people are back from holiday. So we're going to have some meetings, well one-on-one, where we're at and where we want to go. Get the week started so everybody knows what to do, and we can kick ass this week.

Talk to you guys later, thanks for listening.

If you like this, please leave a review and a rating, so I know what you like, what you don't like. If you got any questions, you can post them there as well. Otherwise, you can go to, and you can let me know there what kind of topic you like me to discuss here. Always welcome and feel free to drop in any comments. I hate to look at comments in a negative way. I always take it as positive feedback to make it better.

That's all what I'm here for, to serve you guys, so you can make your own million bucks as soon as possible.

I'm at the office now, I'm going to go ahead and talk to you later.

Okay, bye bye. Marcel Martens.

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The #1 Secret To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
Marcel Martens 5 september 2019

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