The #1 Mistake Most Cloud Service Providers Make

The #1 Mistake Most Cloud Service Providers Make
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Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast. Today we're going to talk about the number one mistake most CSPs or cloud service providers make.

When we take a look at our customers, especially the new ones that are coming in and that we onboard with our M-IT method, one thing that I started noticing, is that, most were being served by another IT company and they only provided one solution.

Office 365 is the bomb. Use SharePoint for your files, use OneDrive, use I don't care, SharePoint isn't built for files. Every single customer that we pull away from there, is telling me the same thing. It's slow, it's not easy to use. It's not user friendly, it's complex. It's difficult to search your files. You got a lot of errors. It doesn't look and feel the same on all your devices. Think about your laptop your PC or tablet, your phone, your whatever you're using these days.


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People need to think before they can access their files. In my opinion, they're missing the boat because they need to, well, IT in my opinion, IT is a staff function to any company. It's a facilitating thing to the business. It gets you do more in less time, gets you to automate things, gets you to work wherever you are. It's gets you to be safe in business, you know what I mean, right?

Always stand behind your product...

So when they focus on the features and the benefits of the cloud solution, then they don't focus on the business. And if you know where SharePoint came from, SharePoint was built somewhere between maybe 2001 or something. I started working with it in year 2003 and I didn't like it then and didn't like it now, so nothing's changed there, and I will probably never like it. Actually, I hate it. Let's make a statement here. I hate SharePoint. Even if a customer begs us to implement SharePoint, I tell him no, go somewhere else, because I don't stand behind that product or service. I can not guarantee our customer satisfaction based on SharePoint. So my answer's always no. You can use it on your own. Don't call me for support. Call somebody else. I don't care. Do whatever you want, but don't contact me for SharePoint.

Take a look at where SharePoint came from, it was more like a project tool, for teams to work together. Like in construction. You've got the architects, you've got constructors, you've got electrical people, you've got the plumbing people. All that kind of companies and agencies you need to work together, in the same building blueprints. That was SharePoint design for, so they could all look at the same files at the same time, at same version, and if you want to check it out, check out as in use, to make a revision and create a new version, that was fine. Everybody knew that the file was locked, and that some guy who was working in it and when it's finished he checks it back in. So it's available for the others, so they can see the new changes.

But boys (and girls) , but guys, it's 2019 today. That shit don't work anymore. This isn't build to last. Last time I checked there were over 60 or 80, I'm doubting a little bit now. let's make it 60 million Office 365 users. 60 million people or employees who are using Office 365. If they got like, I don't know, maybe 8 million team sites within SharePoints, in there entire Office 365 cloud.

Boy, those are a lot of files and a lot of people who are not be able to work with files the way that they want to, the way that they used to and the way that they liked to.

And here comes my bold claim:

I can help you learn the way, teach you the way, that you will be able to convert those companies to customers for life. Sounds good? I created the special elite course for and I only allow 20 people at anytime, to join. So if there are openings then, people can join but no more than 20 at a time. Because I want to be sure that I will be able to have the time to hold your hand and guide you through all steps necessary, learn you and teach every single secret and detail that I've got, which guarantees success every single time. No matter where they came from, they got an old SBS (Small Business server), fine they're still using POP3 email, fine. Last week we did a Microsoft live migration. Boy, it's not even supported anymore in Windows 10. And we bought special software to be able to migrate those emails to Office 365. I don't care.

Every business needs email, data, protection and security. Here's how I like to make an impact to the world and make it a safer "online" place.

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The #1 Mistake Most Cloud Service Providers Make
Marcel Martens 10 oktober 2019

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