Never Suffer From Complaining Customers Again ... Guaranteed!

Never Suffer From Complaining Customers Again ... Guaranteed!
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Hey everybody, Marcel Martens here and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast! First, we're going to go through the theme song and then we're going to talk about customer expectations and how you can exceed them. So I hope you doing well. Here, everything okay. Making a major progress on everything actually, because we set tight deadlines and got a pretty good momentum here so I want to hold onto it so we can then help you all get as successful as you want to be because that's my number one goal, help everybody out there in the way that I can.


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Back to How to Exceed the Customer Expectations. You know when... and then I'm going to give you an example of one of my businesses, M-IT Services. Lots of companies or business owners or whatever, they just buy a new PC or laptop or whatever they need and then they struggle with the setup. I bet you've heard it a lot of times. They always need to call the IT guy to fix the stuff. They need to do their work, so they never have a complete overview of the total cost of ownership. That's where we do magnificent things.

Deliver turn key ready systems

Because.... We try to deliver the system fully functional, just like turn key ready. They just put it on, log in, and can start working. The only thing that we can't do ahead, was configure their printers or local devices they have at the office. That's the only leftover we have, is the one thing that we ask the customer to, when I unpack it, connect everything, and have it up and running, if they even want to, we can do it as well, of course. Then they give us a call, we take over the screen and we, well finalize the setup. For them it's like a major difference and it's what I always ask,

"what does your current supplier leave at the table? What are you missing out on?"

And it's really the biggest eye opener as well as for them, as for you to be able to know what that particular customer expects of you.

So if you are in your first sales call or meeting or whatever and you're talking about what the customer wants and what they need and you know, doing a little inventory, I cover it in the course in more detail, but for now you're having a chat about what he wants and needs and at that point you can drop in those questions "what is your current supplier leaving on the table or leaving out and that you feel like you're in need of."

Basically there's the answer, all you have to do is answer that question in your offer and you're done. You got the sale!!! And how great would it be if you can ship out stuff, and I'll get back to the stuff part because we don't do everything, it has to be in line of business, but I get to that one minute please.

How great would it be for that customer to receive it's ordered goods in a way that it's just ready, you know? You can just plug it in, start it up, and start using it without having to wait another few hours, a few days, or when you have time. And that's it.

Maybe one of the first three or five episodes I was talking to you about, focus back to one thing and become best of it. By doing so you eliminate a whole lot of stress, not only for you but also for your employee because they just have to do that one thing and if that one thing means migrating customers to your platform, then that's the one thing, and that means making contract offers then that's the one thing. The contract is always the same, may vary in numbers but basically comes down to the same one thing and if you become excellent at that one thing, you can add more value to the customer by adding offers in line with the one thing in the one thing is what I call, they always safe the business package or suite, sorry, always safe a business suite.

And in line perfectly fits delivering or selling a laptop or a PC for using that suite, so you can make extra sales, you make can make extra money of the installation and for that as well. I love Trello boards. I love Trello checklist. We've got checklists for almost everything in our business. And if you follow the course, I give you all those checklists as bonuses, but every single laptop or PC we deliver mets the same standards as all our deliveries do.

So I know for a fact that when a user opens the box and he plugs everything in he can work, he can do, he can start working wherever he is, if he's in the office, if he's at home, if he's on holiday, I don't care. He can start working with the always safe business suite. Because that's all configured before shipping out the device.

Not my line of my business...

And there I draw the line. If somebody asks me, "could you sell me a mobile phone?"" No, I'm not going to do that." "Why not? I'll pay you extra for it." "No, it's not the line of my business." If there's something wrong our support team isn't built for that, it costs way, way, way, way too much time. So please let them order those on the internet or with a phone provider or whatever.
And if people ask me the same, "okay Marcel, I would like you to come to my office and move all my data from my current system to the new system" and I'm telling him "no." "Yeah, but why not, you're the guy, the face of the business." Yes I am, but I don't tell him a straight no.

I give a story for them to understand why and eventually tell them no.

It's not my task in the company to run those things and to do those things. We've got people working for us to do those things. It's not to think that's too less of a job for me. No, I've done I know 20 years, whatever. I don't care. Well, my focus and my goal is to generate revenue. We need new customers, we need marketing, we need sales, we need, that's my task, not installing systems. And if the guys have problems or questions, sure, I help them out, but it's not my task to perform those tasks. You understand what I mean?

So for you, it's the same as of the start. And I know when you're starting out and you get your first customers, you're excited and of course you've got to do all those things, I've done them as well for like eight years in my business.

But the sooner you can hire someone to do it for you the sooner you've got time to... speed up the customer acquisition process. And the more customers you get, the more recurring revenue you get. And the more people you can help and the more people's lives you can change by not having all the fears doubts and anxieties, frustrations of IT that they currently have, because that's your one focus on customers that you want to transfer to you and they're unhappy of their current supplier. The current supplier doesn't use any cloud services. So they still work on their Synology NAS or when you know their POP3 email boxes.

Oh man, if I even think of that, it's just way, way, way oooohhhh man I get a headache.

But we also, at our company M-IT Services, we're still migrating. I don't know, maybe once, or twice, or three times a month we're migrating people out POP3 mailboxes. Guys, it's 2019 people, come on and give me a break. Why are they still using POP3? Yes, they are. So you need to get in touch with them and you can show them the benefits. But don't sell benefits. Don't sell features. Sell outcome. That's a really big lesson that I've learned. I probably believe it was Steve Larson, or Dean Graziosi, I don't know. Sell the outcome. That's when people say yes, don't sell benefits and features, you're just making them compare everybody else. So you're just comparing yourself to everybody else and below you mentioned the price. And then you compete on price. It's not what you want. That's why you need to sell the outcome. And when you sell the outcome, you get customers for life. Because when you deliver on the outcome and even exceed their expectations and it's like you're best friends, they will be happy to pay you money. They'll want to call you every time they are in need of something.

So back to over delivering on the promise. Say when you make an offer, and maybe it's way too salesy this podcast. But what I'm doing with this course is not only the technical part, I can learn you old the skills you need, but if you can't make a sale, it's no use. You're not of use. You know? You need to be able to sell, acquire customers, build your business, and then you can scale.

By scaling, I mean you go from ten accounts as customers, you don't need ten customers, you can have one customer with ten users. When I'm talking about accounts, I'm talking about the number of users who use the suite, that's how you can scale from one to ten to 100 to 1000. Then when you come above the 1000 users you're serving what do you think, you've got a recurring revenue, it's almost 40 grand a month. When you are serving 100 or 1000 users. Did you expect that to happen when you just start your business and selling laptops, selling PCs, sell antivirus software, or selling some backup software or do a little affiliate thing here and over there. No, of course not, but that's because you don't have a plan. When you have a plan and you do only one thing, you have one focus. You only focus on getting your first ten accounts. Then you focus on 100, you do what you have to do. You focus on getting your 100 users. When you have 100 you go through a thousand. And how? I'm going to teach you in the course.

It's easily because those people keep paying you every single month and when they do, they also have some questions once in a while or they need a new system once in a while. Who do you think they call? Of course, they're going to call you, so you're going to make extra money out of the same customer every single time.

I did a calculation and roughly a sole entrepreneur, this is just a business guy who was, I don't know, consulting or whatever. They all need a laptop. They all need the Always Safe in Business suite and that's the foundation for all IT in my opinion every company needs so they do like, let me go click quickly here. Roughly around 500 euros a year, for the Always Safe in Business suite. But if I calculate all the extra time on support on, I don't know help they want, that's not support.

Support is for me when something isn't working and then they need support, but if they've got a question like how can I do this? Okay, help me with that. Well, it also falls under the umbrella of support of course, and once in three years they buy a new system. So now your yearly revenue from that customer goes up from 500 euros to maybe two and half, 3000 euros. If you got 100 users, so times three thousand, go figure a lot of money. Right? That's what I want you to think about, because it's way easier set.

There's also, well it's hard work, but it's easily done. You get what I mean right? Good. If you're in for it and you're all pumped up and excited, as I am on this podcast... and you're thinking, Marcel when can I start? I want this tomorrow. Go to and again, it's I'll drop in a link below and there you can opt in for the course. There's a waiting list. I only work with 15 to 20 people maximum at a time because I want to guarantee your success. And you follow it step by step, I guarantee that you will be adding those 100 users in no time.

So exceed customer expectation and how we do it every single time, we over deliver. And over-delivering is easy, because when we call them:

"I see you received package," you just give them a call and you ask "okay, when do you got time to set up your printer?" "Oh yeah, we can do right now, maybe tomorrow or whatever." "Okay. I'm going to call you back tomorrow at 12 o'clock"

and after you set up the printer, "did you try everything? Is everything working? You got more questions? Do you need some data to be transferred?" And then they'll be like "finally somebody who gets it, they're asking questions. Am I happy? Do you want me to do other things for you?"

It's just, we're in the service business guys. We serve the customer. That's our primary job. Nothing else and that's what I'm going to stick to it today. Thank you very much for listening. If you like this, please rate and subscribe on iTunes, on YouTube, on SoundCloud, wherever you listen or watch this, and I'll love to hear some feedback, positive, critic feedback, all is welcome just to make this a better product than it already is. I hope I over delivered to you today. If not, please, please let me know because at my whole intention of all that I do here, I want to over deliver you and help you as best as I can to get you as successful as you want to be. Okay, talk to you guys next time. Bye-bye, Marcel Martens,

Every business needs email, data, protection and security. Here's how I like to make an impact to the world and make it a safer "online" place.

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Never Suffer From Complaining Customers Again ... Guaranteed!
Marcel Martens 8 oktober 2019

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