My Dirty Little Secret About How I Write My Book Chapters

My Dirty Little Secret About How I Write My Book Chapters
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How I write book chapters. First to go through theme song, and then I’m going to tell you my dirty little secret on how I write my chapters for my book. Hi guys. What’s up? Marcel Martens here, Cloud Secrets podcast. Welcome back and today I’m going to share a little secret with you about how I write my chapters for my Cloud Secrets book. As I shared before, I’m creating a little book for the secret formula that I use. If you just started to join or listen in, my secret formula is the formula that gave me basically everything that I needed and wanted back in those days. It was 2017. We were struggling to get by. I was living on my parents’ pockets again as a 30 year olds male having a wife and three kids. I made some bad investments in hardware that didn’t work, lost a lot of money there. And also we hired, well difficult and wrong employees.

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That obviously we didn’t know when we were hiring them, but we were paying them way too much money. So we ended up didn’t getting paid ourselves and you can only last for that long. So I had to go to my mom’s and dad and well put my heart on the table and ask them if they could help me out. Give me monthly, I don’t know, a lot money to pay my mortgage, my bills. So. And luckily they did. And that’s also when, in that desperate times, that me and my wife figured out that formula that we using still today. And that has made it possible for me to be able to be debt free within a half year, in six months. So and besides that, living the life of my dreams and having a three day work week. So again I can enjoy holidays, all time. We go four times year, so.

My Secret Formula

We love it, we like it and we keep doing it as long as it works, so. And that’s what I’m writing my book about, my secret formula, the Cloud Secrets formula. And just to share a quick secret here, I don’t write books, I’m an IT professional, an IT guy. I’m basically a nerd, so I’m not a linguistic, whatever, that is just to going to sit down on his desk and write a book. So I bet you could figure, right.

But to be able to share all this with you. To… Well, I’ve got a whole mission and my mission is to get every business safe online or safe in business. By doing so we’ve developed, or by wanting that, I’ve developed the OSA home business suite and my reach only goes that far. So I would like to teach you that method. So not only can you run a profitable cloud service business and do the things you want to do, you also end up with well, raving fans instead of complaining customers.

Because this one works every single time without any failure. And that’s what I’m writing a book about.

And instead of just sitting by my desk and started typing or started writing, I record them on my iPhone. That’s all I use. No fancy and expensive equipment. 80% of all things I record, I’ll use my iPhone and then I’ll upload the transcription. Well, first to my notebook. Where I use Adobe Audition to, well clean up the audio file.

Just maybe nice to share. Back in the day, I don’t know when I was 12 till 16 or so, I thought myself as a DJ. And as you probably also know I’m from the Netherlands, the Dutch guy, Amsterdam and here in the Netherlands, well DJs are almost number one export product that we have in the Netherlands because we grow a lot of successful DJs, especially in dance and the techno scene. But now I’m dwelling of… And that days I was wanting to become one of those as well. It didn’t work out. And I thought IT would be better for me, but I’ve got some small audio skills, I know, what things mean. So that’s why I do the optimization of the audio files myself when I got the time and then I’m going to send them to transcribes your audio for a buck a minute.

So just $1 a minute and somebody is, I don’t know, typing it all out for you. So you can literally just talk to your phone, talk about the content of your book and then you send it off to Rev. So if you are speaking for 15 minutes, it’s just going to cost you 15 bucks and then you get the transcription. And all you’ve got to do is read over it, fix some minor errors and you’re done. So that’s my dirty little secret about how I write my book chapters. And I do them chapter by chapter. Otherwise it would be too much at once. Afterwards I can add the text to the book. I’ve got someone for me doing it. Also a lot of freelance, like all those lancers, you got Upwork, you got all these kinds of lance sites where you can hire people to do things for you.

They’re not particularly expensive, in my opinion.

So you can focus on the things you want to do or where you’re good at and let other people take care of the things you don’t like or you don’t got time for it.

So that’s my dirty little secret about how I write book chapters. I say, if I say, “Take advantage of it. Use it to your own good.” And I’ll see you guys next time. By the way, if you like this, please rate and subscribe on iTunesSpotifySoundCloud, iHeartRadio, YouTube, or on the blog. I don’t care if you like to read, listen, watch. Pick your option and give some feedback. I love feedback. And otherwise, if you want me to share my experience or opinion on something, or talk about something, leave a comment down below the post on I always respond and I’ll take it into consideration about making an episode about it. So thank you very much and talk to you guys next time.

Bye bye,

Marcel Martens.

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