Keep Track And Grow

Keep Track And Grow
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Keep track and grow, after the theme song, I’m going to talk all about it. Hi, welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast, this is Marcel Martens and today I’m going to talk about why you need to keep track of that what you want to grow and as soon as you start keeping track, let me give you an example, it’s the same with with sporting. I love the cycle and when I cycle and I know I cycle around 30 kilometers an hour, but when you start keeping track, every single time you want to be a little bit faster, go a little bit further, have a little bit smaller heart rate. Have a… You know.

As soon as you start measuring things, you improve and it can be tiny bits and can be huge steps and when you take a look back at it, especially with sports if you’re just starting out, it’s hard, you’re going slow, you’re out of breath, you probably know what I’m talking about but after a while and after repetition or practicing enough, you can do longer runs and your heart rate starts to slow or doesn’t increase that much, your speed increases and that’s not only with sports, if you keep track of your sales rate, if you keep track of the number of users that you serve, if you keep track of the amount of data you backup, I don’t really care, it doesn’t really matter what it is but as soon as you start tracking it, you can focus on improving it or you’re automatically focus on improving it.

Tracking = Improving

So my experience is that whenever you start tracking something, whatever it is, it always improves because it’s like human physiology, you know, everything that we measure we need to do more efficient, faster, better, greater. It doesn’t matter and I’m pretty sure you know what I mean and you experience the same way and I’m a tech guy and I love all the tech stuff that comes out and if there was a chip available that I could implant in my body to communicate with my system, my laptop, my whatever, I would be one of the first to have it implanted in me as weird or as psycho as it may sound but I love new technology. Shouldn’t be sounding weird as an IT professional.

So I first used my iPhone for my cycling runs, you know, and well, that measured some sort of data but then I bought my iWatch and since I’m using my iWatch, I bought an extra app, a cycling app, I believe it’s Strava and with that I can track more data and you’ve got a summit so you can see how far you are compared to other periods or other weeks or months or whatever so you kind of feel bad for yourself that you didn’t train as much as you did in the summer and now it’s fall, you know? 

And it’s the same with issues. With issues, I mean support tickets. If you could keep track of support tickets, you can maybe do a weekly newsletter or a video or a Facebook Live or whatever with the top five support tickets that you’ve handled that week and by that, when all the customers see it, they don’t need to call you because they already know the answer and that’s the same with keeping track and improving.

It automatically improves not only you but also your customers and get them to a point of well self-serving, you know, whatever it is, you can, as I said, there are many ways you can do it with Facebook Live, you can grant them or give them access to a knowledge base which is only available for customers you know? It’s a lot of benefit that you can use in your sales and so many, many ways to improve customer experience.

So big goal or big takeaway for today is:

Track whatever you do and you automatically grow whatever you track.

So, that’s it for today, I’m going to go pick up my kids and enjoy the evening so talk to you guys next time. If you like this, by the way, please rate and subscribe on iTunesSpotifySoundCloud, iHeartRadio, whatever you use, YouTube. Sign up for the newsletter on our blog, and so we can reach a broader audience than we already do. We’re getting around 25 to 100 downloads a day at this moment so, we’re growing pretty nice. I would love to go a bit faster, that’s why I keep track of it and well, just rate and subscribe then it can reach more people and I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you very much. Have a nice evening. Bye bye, Marcel Martens.


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