IT Is A Tool Not A Purpose

IT Is A Tool Not A Purpose
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Good morning, everybody. Marcel Martens and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast.


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Today we're going to make ... No, I contacted this dude, I don't know, who creates our intro video and he made me an offer last night, so I'm going to review that this morning. Then he can create the video intro for the podcast based on the intro I made. Maybe we even let him create an outro. We can put in front of the YouTube videos so we can publish our content wherever we are. For all you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, I don’t know what all, YouTube, what platforms you use, I tried to intend ... My intention is to provide the content there where the user is so the user doesn't need to come to me or to my channels. I'll get through their channels and where they like to spend their time. If that's on Instagram, you'll see my stuff on Instagram. If it's on YouTube, you can browse my channel on YouTube and get all the information there.

Focus Focus Focus

Last night, I was cycling and I was listening to a podcast of Steve Larson, and he was mentioning a rather good thing. It's the same we do. When I go back 10 years in time, I was offering all kinds of different services and the hard part of that was that our employees, who are absolutely brilliant guys.

They're all my friends. We have a great team, but it was rather complicated for those to be widely oriented and technically skilled with all the knowledge. They rather have a specialism. At that time we were too small to have a specialist for every single discipline.

After maybe even seven, eight years, we've decided and that was I believe also in 2016 or 17, alongside the decision that I needed to get out of operations, the day to day operations. We also decided to cut loose most of the services we offered and try to convince the customer that it was also better for them to join us with the new Always Safe in Business suite packages. I learned yesterday that package is the wrong word in English, so I changed it to suite because it's a suite of software cloud tools.

Nevertheless almost all customers went along and now we basically only sell one suite and it's ... Besides that it's super stable, so we don't get a lot of service tickets or calls that things don't work. As I told you before, many customers, especially the small entrepreneurs, like one to five employees, maybe we talk to them twice a year, that something doesn't work. We can help them and get them on their way.

With the other old services, it was so support intensive that people have questions all the time or issues and that's not what we want to sell. We want to sell a suite with tools that works every single time. Just like a car, you push the start button or turned the key and you can drive away. That's the same what we want with IT.

IT is a tool. It's not a purpose on its own, right?

  • IT makes it possible to do more in less time.
  • IT makes it possible to work wherever you are.
  • IT makes possible.....

You know, all technologically advantages that you gain are like tools. It's not a meaning, not a purpose on itself.

That's it, I think, for today. That's how I think about IT.

Maybe I will do another one tonight, but I've got an appointment now, so I got to go back at the office and I will talk to you next time.

See you. Bye. Bye.

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