How To Triple Your Customer Acquisition In No Time

How To Triple Your Customer Acquisition In No Time
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Hi everybody. I'm Marcel Martens and welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast. First, we go to the theme song and then we're going to talk about how you can triple your acquisitions in no time.

Hey, what's up everybody? Hope you're doing well. I'm in my car at the moment. Pretty busy so I try to use my time as efficient as possible and that's why I record the podcast when I'm driving for quite some time. Today I'd like you to tell you what made a huge impact to my business and how acquisition or acquiring new customers or new leads, skyrocketed for me two or three years ago.


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If you listened to a few podcasts back, I believe it was around Episode 10, I talked about that we were about...Well, a few years ago we're struggling to get food on the table, and at that time... Ever since then, I make sure that acquisition is happening at all times. I never lay down

because when you look at the teeth of a saw, you want a steady line going upwards and not, that when you hit the peak, you drop all acquisitions because you don't have time

because you are fulfilling on the sales you did before, then you get a drop in new sales, a few weeks or month from now, you'll get a huge drop in delivering on or welcoming new customers or migrating new customers into your cloud solution.

My biggest lesson then was, okay, never "the saw effect" as somebody called it and it sounded nice, but it stick. It made me look at it from a different angle. You know it when we all... I bet you know it too... When everything goes well, you're in the flow we are in, everything comes naturally. You feel like you don't need to do any acquisition because people come running to you to become a customer or to get your thing and your servers or services or whatever you do.

But it isn't always the same. You get peaks and lows, and that's why I need to get a machine running, an acquisition machine, that constantly keeps providing new customers on a regular basis, and that can be daily, weekly, monthly. I don't care as much as you need, and what was a huge eyeopener for me was that if you look at your current customer base, and then I go back to Russell Brunson's value ladder, that currently you're providing one or more solutions to your current customers.

What else can you sell to them? That's the low hanging fruits . If you just give them a call, "Hey, how are you doing? I was wondering, I'm in the neighborhood next week. Do you got 15 or 30 minutes time to do a cup of coffee?" And you go over to the customer and you're talking and "okay, what are your biggest problems?", "Oh, what are you struggling with?" At this time I always get value or see potential in those conversations because it's just human interaction, it's not a sales conversation.

"You're just in the neighborhoods dropping by for a cup of coffee and you're asking how he or she is doing"

and if they are struggling with some things. Just an open question, and usually they tend to start raving all their struggles and maybe it's not all IT related, I can refer them to someone in my network who could help them.

And also with that, if you use your network strategically, I always ask the customer or whoever I'm talking to, "is it okay if I give your name and number or name and email address to the one that maybe can help you?" That one that can solve the problem is the initiator of the first contact, and that's gold. You never give the name and number to the person you're talking to because then the initiative is with your customer or whoever you're talking to, and they maybe never even call. That's not providing a lead to somebody in your network, but if you can give them a name and number, they can call. Do you know how valuable it is? But then you also need to make sure that to who you give that name and number, I usually tend to make a gentleman's agreement, that they over deliver because my name is attached to it. I want you to make sure that if you're going to solve that problem for my customer as well, you over deliver and you provide so much value that they come back to me.

"Oh Marcel, thank you very much. You sold this, this, this, this and also helped me with that, that and that. Over deliver, and that's the gentleman's agreement I always tend and if they don't, it's a one time deal, then I'm done. I never refer ever again.

So don't screw up! That's also a bold statement, but do it right or you don't get referrals of me.

And that way it goes the other way around as well. When other people in my network are doing the same, just drinking a cup of coffee with customer and asking, "okay, what? What are you struggling with or what does your current suppliers or providers leave at the table?" "What are you missing?"

It's an easy target because you know what the biggest problems are, our biggest struggles are and you can provide them with the solution or help them get to overcoming that problem. That's number one. Number two is while you're at that customer in the same conversation with the same cup of coffee and usually those conversations, I take 30 minutes for them and usually it's enough. You don't want to both of them with the one or two hours they just dropping by, keep it short. But when I'm there I also ask, "you're using my Always Safe in Business suite now for like one year, three years, five years." I don't care.

"Can you give me three names of three companies who would benefit from this as well?"

"And can you provide me with a name and number that I can call and when I'm calling and tell them your name that you give them their credential or their name and number." So it will be beneficial.

And I tend to close one or two out of three, that's huge. That's why we grow so fast. If you, you don't need to go to a customer. We finished the migration and the company started using your Always Safe in Business suite and a week after you go by and you know, "okay, nice. Thank you. I hope you're doing well and you feeling happy about our suite and can you give me three names?" No, it's too early. You need to give it time so they can experience the value of your solution.

But boy it's mind blowing. If you've got 50 customers and you go by them in, I don't know, one month or one and a half months, you probably end up with a hundred extra customers if you do it right. It could triple your business with leads within a month. How powerful is that? And if you're talking about scaling, after you do that, for example, you started alone and you acquired well, maybe not 50 customers, but you acquire 10 customers, and with that 10 you can make 30, and with that 30 you can make, you got 20 new ones. Let me do the math here. If you've got 10 customers at all, best odds, maybe we should be in the middle. If you ask your 10 customers, if they can provide you with a name and number, who you can contact, who would benefit from your suit as well, then you might get one and a half new customers, per current customer.

Expand your customer base

If you go do 10 visits, you get 15 new customers, and you got 25 customers from that 15 new customers, you do the same after three months, six months, and from that 15, times one and a half and 15 to seven and a half is 22, 23 new customers again and now you're at 50 you can do the math. How quickly you can expand your customer base by just drinking a cup of coffee, and that's how easy it is.

If you want to know more secrets and you're interested in making the same progress as I did in the last years, I invite you to apply for the Cloud Secrets course. It's absolutely amazing elite course. We only do 20 people at a time so I can personally commit to your success and in this podcast and vlog and blog, I will share some of the secrets, but it's just the tip of the iceberg in the Cloud Secret course, I'll dive deep into everything because I think current education is way, way less efficient as everybody's thinking and not to slap somebody in the face. But if we... I like total immersion.

When I would like to learn some techniques or new skills or whatever, I go as deep as I need to go to fully understand and comprehend the stuff that I need to know.

If it's office 365 I go all the way until I know everything about it, what is to know. I become the number one in my area on skills and expertise, that's what I do with the Cloud Secret course.

I'll take you as deep as you need to go to do successful migrations every single time and we leave none out of it. You get bonuses like our 127 item checklist for migrating people to the Always Safe in business suite, which will guarantee success, every single migration. I will give you installation checklist as a free bonus for installing new laptops or PC's.

If you would like to apply, because as I said, I only work with 20 people at a time. Expectation, no not expectations, the requirements are very high. If you like somebody who wants to go deep, who's got the time to go through all that stuff and is committed to their own success, then you need to go to Again, that's

And there you can apply for the Cloud Secrets for the Elite 20 Cloud Secrets course, where I will take you all the way and show you the whole iceberg and where I personally commit to your success. Thanks for listening, thanks for your time, hope you're doing well, I wish you all the best, and if you like this, please go to iTunes and rate and review we can help more IT Guys become successful millionaires or entrepreneurs or having more time in their life to do what matters most to them. Okay. See you next time. Bye-bye Marcel Martens.

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