How To Migrate Customers To The Cloud Without Any Problems

How To Migrate Customers To The Cloud Without Any Problems
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Hey everybody, Marcel Martens here, Cloud Secrets. Welcome back. Good to be here.

I was just walking the dogs and thinking about if I had the opportunity, like 11 years ago and somebody asked me, How would it be if I could learn you all the ways of the Cloud, all best strategies, all things that are working straight from the gecko. If you have some troubles you can dial me anytime or contact support and we'll have a look with you to fix whatever problem you are at hand. And I can offer you this course. With that course you will learn in 14 days how to sell the Cloud solution, how do you acquire customers, how to make all the preparations, so do an inventory of everything they have right now, and where they need to go, where they want to go.


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With that set that when you do the inventory and there will be potential problems that you need to tackle before you can start the migration to the Cloud or from one Cloud to another Cloud or from the server to Cloud or from whatever current situation the customers in through the new Cloud solution.


You have done the inventory, you know what problems lie ahead so you can tackle them, you can start a discussion with the customer or start a conversation. That's what I mean. From there you can maybe even upsell because they've got old systems like I don't know, Windows Vista, Windows 7. We recommend that everything will be updated to Windows 10 Pro. If they've got old systems, we even got the chance to sell some new systems and make your money over there as well.

Finally, when all preparations are in place and in order, you can set up the new Cloud environment. We create all the users, all the shared mailboxes, migrate all the data and everything on ... not migrating but synchronizing so everything will be prepared for the actual migration.

Then finally we ask the customer or make a proposal for a migration date. Then when we do the migration, we make sure that the customer, oh, big truck coming through or moment. You make a... one moment, please.

We make the preparations for the migration. We do a final sync over the data. We export all emails so they can... and then the next day we usually go to the customers site so we can have hands on support and hands on migration. We do a system by system migration while, and that's the big secret, everybody can keep working on the old and new system. While the old partially because they can still print, et cetera. But we lock the old file system, whatever it is so they are forced to use a new system. With their email they can use Outlook or Web Mail or whatever and wait for our engineers to come by and migrate old email.


If I had the opportunity 11 years ago, if somebody would teach me, I would set this all up to do a flawless migration every single time with a guaranteed outcome of a successful migration without the customer having to do anything at all except for signing some contracts, of course, and go over some preparations with you, would you take the chance? Yes or no?

I would have grabbed it with both hands and that's why I created Cloud Secrets and that's why I... I thought a long time about it because who is going to reveal its secrets that are working every single time? It's like the Coca-Cola recipe. Nobody sells the recipe. It's not for sale. That's always Pepsi fighting against Coke and Coca-Cola doesn't really care about Pepsi.

Because they're market leader, I'm not telling you I'm market leader, but my mission is to get everyone safe in business, especially online. If I got to do it with my own company. Well I can't serve the whole world on my own with my company. If I teach my ways to you, then we have a broader spread of our methodologies in providing better security online and make the world a safer place.

That's why I'm offering this to you and follow me. Follow Cloud Secrets at Instagram @Cloud.Secrets. You can find me on Facebook, Marcel Martens HQ. I put a link down below and I'll see you there.

If you're interested, please send me a message and we'll see what we can do. I'm looking for a starter group of 15 to 20 people with whom I can fine tune the course, get the last hurdles out of the way as a matter of speaking. Then I can launch you the course through the big audience. Our price is going to be €5,997 Euros. But for the first 15 to 20 I made a special offer and I'm going to ask a €2,997 Euro excluding taxes. If you have a company  no problem, there's no tax involved. But otherwise we are inclined to add the tax on top.

If you are interested, send me a personal message or an email or whatever, just respond down below and I'll get in touch for you to be on the first 15 to maximum 20. That's the max I'll allow for the first course.

Thanks so very much and I hope to see you soon.

Bye bye. Marcel Martens.

Every business needs email, data, protection and security. Here's how I like to make an impact to the world and make it a safer "online" place.

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How To Migrate Customers To The Cloud Without Any Problems
Marcel Martens 17 september 2019

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