How To Live Your Life In Abundance

How To Live Your Life In Abundance
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How to live in abundance. First we go through the theme song, and then I'm going to talk about how I live in absolute abundance.

Hey, welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. During this holiday season, I'm going to talk about the absolute abundance that I live in and what gave me the opportunity or insight, if you want to call it that way, on the need to change and to make things work for you. So you can have the life of your dreams, feel loved, feel blessed, feel happy, feel joy, feel all the things that make you feel alive and matter.

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So, for me, when I reflect back on the last two or three years of my life, I realize that it hasn't been easy. But because it hasn't been easy and we were near bankruptcy, so things had to change. There was no alternative than go bankrupt. So we need to drastically change things, not only in our private life, but also in our businesses to make things work. Because they were failing, and not a little bit, all was falling apart literally.

And when I think back at 2016, 2017 and especially now with holiday season and Christmas coming up, I feel so blessed that I can enjoy going on a holiday with my family, with my kids, and have the best fun of my life. I go swimming, go to a adventure park or whatever. And to see them happy and playing and laughing and having the time of their life. That's when I think about I realize how blessed I am and that I truly live my life in abundance.

Make the right changes

I know people are... it's just psychology, you know? People don't change if they don't absolutely need to. So every choice, every decision is made in a split second. And I hope you agree with me there, because it isn't a path going towards that decision. Yes, of course. But there will be a point in time or in your life, that you say:

"Enough, no more of this. Enough, I'm done." And that moment is a split second people. And in that split second you make the decision to make whatever necessary changes so that that won't happen again, forever.

And that's what we did in 2017 when we decided, okay, we want to have employees who work with the joy, who are happy working here. Who feel valued, feel warm, feel all the basic needs, every single human being has.

So by changing not only our staff, but also the things that we do privately. Because as you know, my wife was terribly ill, so not complain here, but I run the family business this as you could call it in four days a week. Basically any minute, any time of the day. And I run my business in three days a week. And because she was so terribly ill, that's the number one change, number one insight that I needed to get. It's literally, a quarter in a slot machine, it has to fall down and it has to land.

And that's the moment where I decide, okay. And I literally told her because we were well talking about breaking up our marriage, which would've been awful. And we love each other. We always did. And I don't believe there's such thing as love at first sight, but I feel attracted to her. It wasn't mutual. I can tell you that, but I'll save that one for a different episode.
Well, we shared a lot. And when I think about that, we're together for a reason. And that's not just for a small period of time. But we got to make the best out of it. And again, well I tell you now that

My relationship with her is at a level I didn't even know was possible with so much love, with so much respect. With so much everything. It's also in abundance.

So it's just where are you going for? If you got Aladdin, the lamp, if you can make 10 wishes without any regards to money, friendships, relationships, or whatever, what would 10 of those be? Write them down for yourself and start making a plan. I've got a lot of help off Tony Robbins. I'm a huge fan of Tony Robbins. And he's got this RPM, rapid planning method. And if you stick to it and also decide, it's always a decision. Everything in life is a decision people. When you decide to live by those standards, you got to raise your standards. That's what he says every single time. And by raising your standards, you live up to the next level. And you can also enjoy next level. And that's living in abundance for me.

So I know Christmas is coming up tomorrow. I would like to take the opportunity here to wish you all the best, enjoy your time with family. Take a good look in their eyes and well be humble. Be giving. Be all that you can and enjoy this season. It's lovely to be together and have a lot of time spending time with each other.

And well then I feel so small when I sit on a simple chair or watch my kids play and having the best time of their life. And it almost makes me cry because that's why I'll do the things that I do. It's always for family. As I told you in the last episode, family comes first, always. So enjoy the holidays. I wish you all the best during Christmas. Enjoy it, be loved and love. And I'll see you guys next time. Thank you very much.

Bye bye.

Marcel Martens.

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