3 Ways To Clear Out Your Schedule By 80% - Part 3

3 Ways To Clear Out Your Schedule By 80% - Part 3
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Welcome to part three. First, we'll go to the theme song, then we're going to talk about dirty little secret number three.

Welcome back. Marcel Martens of the Cloud Secrets podcast. Good morning. It's been a heck of a ride. It's been so, so, so busy that I didn't even find the time to record part three. That's also hitting the nail on top because part three is about eliminating things that you don't need to do. For that, I'll take lesson out of Steven R. Covey of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. There, I believe it's secret one or habit number one or two, important things first.

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If you take note of how many hours people spend on a daily basis on their phone, browsing, scrolling through social media, and watching television, watching Netflix, watching all kinds of stuff that really isn't important at all and doesn't contribute to their life or meaning in any kind, so I eliminated most of those unimportant phone calls.

I've built up a wall so that all these marketeers can't reach me by phone. I don't want to waste my time talking to them. If I need anything, I'll look for it myself and then I'll buy it. I don't need some active sales guy or woman approach me to sell me something that I don't need at the moment.

If I need anything, I'll find it out myself. I don't take those calls.

Delegate, automate, eliminate!

Again, delegate was the first part, so I delegate many of my tasks to as many people as possible. Secondly, was automating tasks so things are done in the exact same way that I would personally do it. That needs to be guaranteed, otherwise there's no no use of automating it because it's just ... If you can't trust the system that is doing it properly every single time, then you can do it yourself because automation doesn't work. If you hit it right and correctly, then automation can save you a lot of time.

Third part, eliminate things, by that you can clear out your schedule the most. If you watch a lot of Tony Robbins's shows or listen to his books or read his books, at once he's talking on a conference or a WPD, I don't know, and he's asking some guy on the stage, who's carrying a journal or a calendar or whatever, notebook that he's carrying with him everywhere. When they go over it, you can see that the notebook is 80% empty. There's nothing there, no appointments, no other things to do, no nothing. Why is he even carrying it with him?

Personally, I use notebook as well, but I use digital calendar so I have access to it, all my systems, on my laptop or my phone, all my everything, even on my watch if I want to so I know what to do at what time. It's not that I'm planning my entire day to the minute. I don't. I hate it. You need time to do things properly. If something comes in your path that you've got time to do it.

Last week, there was just so much to be done, all these new launches that we had, new products, new customers. We're still doing two or three new customers, or onboarding two or three new customers a day. I've been pretty busy on automating the backup increase tasks as I told in part two. It took a lot of my time to get these developers in sync with what's in my head. It takes a lot of meetings and it needs to be done properly. I had to eliminate a lot of things, doing, I don't know, maybe 16 hours a day, working days.

You know, my wife is ... well she's out of her depression, but she's still physically very exhausted. She's recovering from that.

I got a three day work week. The other two days during the week I take care of the kids.

We do all kinds of fun things, but that limits my time at the office and time that I can spend on actually doing things. When the kids go to bed, I'll continue to work until it's done. A couple of all nighters, et cetera. It's been pretty busy.

Secret #3: Eliminate things!

Secret number three, eliminate things. If you choose them carefully, and please, people, buy and take note of Stephen Covey's habits because they're a life changer and made a heck of a difference to me. They changed my life completely. That's tip number three. Buy the book. Read the book. Listen to the audio book. Do whatever you have to do. But take note of those seven habits. They're going to give you all the time back that you need or want. You can do whatever you want with it.

Take care. I'll see you guys next time. I don't know when yet because it's extremely busy at this time. Things need to get done. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Okay. Thank you very much.

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Have a nice day.

Bye bye,

Marcel Martens

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