3 Ways To Clear Out Your Schedule By 80% – Part 2

3 Ways To Clear Out Your Schedule By 80% – Part 2
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Hey, welcome back. Nice to have here. Cloud Secrets Podcast, Marcel Martens again, and today I'm going to talk about part two of how I free up my schedule for at least 80%, and the second option is by automating your tasks or things. Because when you automate it, you need to make sure that it happens on a consistent basis in the same way that you or one of your people would do.

And to give you an example, we provide backup online as a service. And for that we charge the customer the quota that we reserve for them. We've got monitoring on it, and when it triggers that the customer's using 90% or more, the system will generate an email and send it to our support desk so they can increase the quota so that the customer can keep backing up all their data.

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Afterwards, when they update the quota they need to adjust the contract so billing gets accordingly to increase the numbers of size that they use, or well, can use, and change the contract to the amount of size that they use so billings get done correctly. Afterwards they need to close the ticket and inform the customer that that quota has been increased and that they don't need to worry, and we will make sure they can keep backing up all their data. But normally these, this task takes like five to 10 minutes for a person to carry out. And it's a lot of folds.

Automating helps us prevent to leave money on the table!

Well, if somebody gets a call in between, they get disrupted and they forget to increase the contract. So we leave money on the table. By automating this task or this sequence of tasks, we not only can eliminate it from some person, I don't know, we've got like 40 to 60 times a week now that we need to increase quotas times a five minute average. Go count. It's going to free up a lot of time that we can spend on other projects, on other tasks, and instead of hiring more staff.

So that's why I gave the order to automate that particular task for example, and that's what I do with every task that comes on my desk. And I asked my question, can I delegate it or can I automate it? And in part three I'm going to talk about another one. It's going to be a three part series. By automating a lot of those tasks, you can free up an enormous amount of time.

Also, it's done 24/7 because it's going automatically so you never are limited down to business hours or whatever. It's on a consistent basis every single moment of the day, which is a huge advantage because in this case, when the back up exceeds the 90% it's going to be updated with more space within, I don't know, a few minutes and we can make sure that the customer can perform their job instead of canceling it when he's out of quota or out of size or you know what I mean?

So ask yourself the following question, how many tasks or things at my plate can I delegate in a correct way? And let's recap the delegation. You just don't want to delegate the task to somebody else, which you also want to make sure that they perform the task on a consistent basis with the same output that you would provide so within the same time, within the same amount of time spent and within the deadline or if you got a deadline. Right. You know what I mean?

So count the number of tasks that you can delegate that way. And the second question you need to ask yourselves is, how many tasks can I automate? Because when you've got a task, a repetitive task that at least, I don't know, maybe 10 times a week occurs and it takes you five minutes, you could free up almost an hour by automating it.

So when you spend like $1,000 to automate it, it's going to earn itself back in no time because you can, you can have more time to help more customers, get more offers out of the door, sign up more contracts, or onboard new customers take the advantage where it is.

So that's it for part two. Next week I'm going to record part three and I love to see you then. Thank you very much, bye bye. Marcel Martens.

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3 Ways To Clear Out Your Schedule By 80% – Part 2
Marcel Martens 24 maart 2020

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