10 Reasons Why Online Backups Are Better Than On-Site Backups

10 Reasons Why Online Backups Are Better Than On-Site Backups
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Yes, that's right, online backups are better than on-site backups, at least in most applications. Are there exceptions? Sure, no doubt, online backups are not for everyone due to the size and frequency, but the fact they are exploding in popularity all over the world, especially in the US, Canada and Europe, one must no longer see backup online or cloud backup as a distant 3rd to on-site backups. But the main question is why? Why so much growth in popularity? Here's the short answer:

10 Reasons why online backups are quickly becoming more popular than on-site backups in the US, Canada and Europe

Less Maintenance

This is an accepted fact and no longer a discussion. Backup online has reinvented the paradigm that “good, usable backups take a lot of work”. In fact, most companies don't spend any time on this at all.

Works great with own hardware & cloud solutions (hybrid cloud)

Anyone who has worked with backup software knows that it is a process that always needs attention (so time) ... not to mention the hybrid solutions of today. Locally still servers with files, databases, applications, etc. and Exchange Online for the mail. How do you back up all of this without having to be constantly working on it? Backup Online backups both for you without any problem.


Yes, Backup online may seem more expensive at first, but you will save a lot in the long run. That is of course a nice bonus, but it is more important that you can be sure that you can really restore your backup if necessary. We've seen it all too often that a company thought they had a good backup, but when it was really needed, it turned out not to run for weeks or to have only a part of what they needed. Please take a look at the following questions:

  • What are the costs then? 
  • Do you survive that as a company at all? 
  • And then we have not even included the administrator's time ...

Roll out faster

Who wants a consultant in house for weeks? The answer: Nobody. In fact, Backup Online is often installed within a few hours per server or Cloud service. Without having to restart your servers. This means less stress for entrepreneurs, IT staff, employees and auditors.

No investments

Believe it or not, this means a lot. Entrepreneurs can invest their money in things that earn them money. At M - IT Services we had many customers who still had their own backup solution with expensive tape robots. They have switched to online backup specifically for this reason.

Better assessed by audits of auditors, ISO audits, etc.

Now that so many entrepreneurs understand the low maintenance and longevity benefits, the demand for these types of solutions has risen exponentially, as entrepreneurs, IT professionals and auditors see them as safe and without much work in the future.

Better protected against infections (viruses / ransomware)

Viruses and Ransomware are the bane of every entrepreneur. Online backups have become known to "not be susceptible" if a virus or ransomware breaks out within a company.

Database, Exchange agent licenses included

Today almost all options such as backing up databases, mail servers etc. are included in a backup online solution. If you buy backup software yourself, you often need expensive "agent" licenses.

More secure / encryption

It is now daily in the news "cyber-security". One after the other is hacked or taken digitally... and it's all about better protecting your company data. When it comes to backups, your data is encrypted and unreadable in a backup Online environment, making this way of backups extremely safe.

Restors everywhere

Wherever you are, as long as you have internet you can restore files, databases and emails from your backup.

So that's it, folks: 10 reasons why online backups win over on-site backups worldwide.

Questions? Comment? Feel free to add your thoughts below.

At M - IT Services we backup data for small companies (self-employed persons), medium-sized companies & multinationals, but also banks, airports, multinationals, and so on.If you are interested in an online backup solution for your business, feel free to read more about backup strategies, request a quote or download our ebook below.

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10 Reasons Why Online Backups Are Better Than On-Site Backups
Marcel Martens 27 augustus 2020

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