Cloud services near me

The moment you make that decision to embrace cloud computing technology, the next big step will be choosing a cloud service provider in your vicinity that suits your business needs. It is important to partner with a provider you can trust, is easy to locate, and is capable of using its resources to provide relevant support and drive the innovation you desire.

These cloud service providers are usually third-party organizations that offer application tools, IT infrastructure, storage & backup services, connectivity, and so much more, on-demand. And best of all, you only pay for what you use.

If you’re ready to take that leap to the cloud and you’re currently trying to locate the best cloud service provider near you, keep reading, as we lead you on the right path.

Things to consider

This choice is vital for your company since it is ideal to have a long-lasting and valuable relationship with the service provider.

  • The first thing we recommend you take into account is the real need of your company. Do a small self-assessment that tells you what you need the cloud service for and, how you need to apply it, not to mention something as important as the budget available.
  • Ensure that your service provider has the ideal profile, this is achieved when you are clear about the characteristics that are not negotiable (necessary).
  • Ensure that the provider in question has systems for the detection and prevention of intrusions, qualified personnel to attend to security issues, firewalls, hardware isolation measures, etc.
  • Specialization is also key. We cannot ignore that not all businesses are the same and therefore, neither are your cloud service needs. In that sense, we must choose a provider that understands our specific needs and align their technical knowledge with those goals. In addition, the company must offer us specific mechanisms that facilitate the implementation, administration, and updating our software and its applications. 
  • It is also important that whichever provider you choose has affordable services. However, do not compromise on quality just so that you can save a few bucks. Ensure that the cost of the services are laid out plainly and can be easily forecasted, in order to avoid unforeseen costs that significantly affect your budget.
  • Technical support should also be evaluated. It may be that your company needs it at any time, at dawn or during the weekend. The agility to solve an unforeseen event is essential and, without a doubt, should be considered when choosing the most efficient provider near you.

M-IT Services

Whenever you talk about cloud service providers in the Netherlands, M-IT services is the first name that comes to mind. They are a leading cloud computing service provider with a track record of providing enhanced and specialist capability and services to several types of organizations, including SMEs, multi-national, government, and corporate organizations, among others, where they require additional skills and support staff.

M-IT Services offers local support with on-site business solutions, while supplying in-depth knowledge of the product(s) and the associated services attached. Thus, they bring together the relevant skills and certifications to be able to support clients under their commitment to best practices.

M-IT services boast a team of veteran professionals, from engineers to consultants, among others, who are experienced in handling complex, mission-critical issues, with secure and low-risk solutions.