How to Secure Your Business Wi-Fi Properly

The probability that the main reason you are looking for this article is that you have been a victim of privacy infringement through your WI-FI network is high. Or you are panicking about being a victim. If you are a victim of it, congratulations, and if you are not yet a victim, congratulations as well.…

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How to implement Microsoft Teams properly in your organization

Is there any benefit that the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown has had on your organization? The answer is yes. Well, that is not to say that the pandemic lockdown has been an awesome experience, but that the aftermath of the lockdown can serve as a boost for your organization- anyway if you would allow it.…

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10 Things to Look for in a Managed IT Service Provider

illustration of man in suit looking over glass balcony railing at busy city skyline at night

You have decided to go for a managed IT service, there are things you have to look out for. The same way your company has values, the agency of choice for your IT managed service must also have the right values and culture. Beyond, the expertise that your IT agency can bring to the table,…

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