"The "Always Safe in Business" package allows us to do everything we need, including near-real-time data processing and longer term processes ", Bart explains." We can also store everything we need without overloading or expanding our server. Everything becomes daily backed up, making sure everything is safe."

Bart Withagen


Case Study: Bart Withagen

Free Case Study Reveals How We Helped Future-Proof a Business Within 14 Days with a Flexible Designed IT Landscape

In This Case Study, You Will Learn...

  • How we helped bring this business' IT systems from an outdated VPN that only worked with Windows based computer to a secure cloud system that allows them to serve their clients anywhere, anytime, in a secure world with all their devices.
  • How we took away this clients' worry of losing data with daily online back-ups making sure their information is always safe.
  • How we streamlined their business workflow with near-real-time-data processing and longer term processes allowing them to be the most responsive in their niche, so they win more deals.