Work Anywhere - Anytime - In a Secure World with All Your Devices Connected

The one thing you can do now so you won’t lose data tomorrow

An integrated approach with the right recommendations for your business
is more important than what the person wants to sell you on the day.

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The one thing you can do now so you won’t lose data tomorrow.

An integrated approach with the right recommendations for your business is more important than what the person wants to sell you on the day.

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What Does

Your Reputation

Mean to You?

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What does your reputation mean to you?

This is different for everybody...

Some business owners don't take their reputation seriously, they take it for granted.

Others, often established business owners with a successful company ... do actually worry in regards to unrepairable reputation damage, and they should.

Imagine this scenario...

Your client messages you to let you know they're receiving tons of spam email from your address.

You’ve just been ‘Screwed’ and your customers are feeling it….

Your world has just been violated...

Your client is more than angry, they are fuming……

Your reputation is tarnished, and you're more than stressed.

You need to figure this out, but you promised your family that you'd be home on-time tonight. How can you disappoint them again?

What happened to the life you dreamed of having when you started your business? 

Your reputation is on the line, every minute of every day. If you don't take IT seriously you're gambling with your livelihood and important relationships with your clients as well as your friends & family.


Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Schedule a Free IT Health Scan

We help established service based business owners use the right hardware and software in a secure business environment in 39 days without wasting time, money or losing data.

With an integrated IT system, our clients are able to enjoy: 

  • Peace of mind around data security.
  • The flexibility to work from anywhere on any device, fully-connected and secure 100% of the time.
  • Be the most responsive in your market and stay ahead of the competition while over-delivering on your client’s expectations.

Enjoy the efficiency and time-savings a system that works for your business will give you, instead of the system constraints you have now. 

Client Success Stories

“I work a lot with other freelancers, I travel a lot and have appointments regularly. Then I don't always have WiFi at hand. A hot spot is slow. With Marcel's solution I can also work offline. All data is immediately synchronized when I have Wi-Fi again.”

Patricia van der Voort


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"The "Always Safe in Business" package allows us to do everything we need, including near-real-time data processing and longer term processes ", Bart explains." We can also store everything we need without overloading or expanding our server. Everything becomes daily backed up, making sure everything is safe."

Bart Withagen


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"MIT Services were able to provide me with the tools that I needed to become the most responsive in my industry.
My customer experience went through the roof."

Ton Hanegraaf

Hanegraaf Keukens

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Marcel Martens3

We developed the always safe in business package when we were in rough waters. We had to go back to basics. After interviewing several hundred business owners we figured out the 5 basic IT needs for every single company, no matter how small or big.

At that time we were expecting our third child and my wife was on bed-rest. I had to run my business and take care of my two older kids. That forced me to develop a system that took me out of operations while guaranteeing the same results for our clients.

We’ve created what we call the MIT Method. It includes 140 steps to Optimum IT Health and Security, so your business can run like a well-oiled machine and you can leverage IT for maximum business advantage.

This extraordinary process gives you exceptional results.

Follow the 3 Steps to Be Always Safe in Business!


Evaluate your systems for the “always safe in business” suite and take a snapshot of your current situation.


Build an integrated IT system and cloud solution and protect business data and devices.


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your IT is handled and your data is safely transferred.